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Electrical Papers 2 Volume Set

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A self-taught authority on electromagnetic theory, telegraphy and telephony, Heaviside (1850-1925) dedicated his life to electric... Weiterlesen
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Zusammenfassung A self-taught authority on electromagnetic theory, telegraphy and telephony, Heaviside (1850-1925) dedicated his life to electrical technologies. The publication of Electrical Papers in 1892 established his fame. Illustrated with practical examples, the subjects covered include voltaic constants, microphones, electromagnets and electromagnetic wave surface and electromagnetic induction.


Volume 1: Preface; 1. Comparing electromotive forces; 2. Voltaic constants; 3. On the best arrangement of Wheatstone's bridge for measuring a given resistance with a given galvanometer and battery; 4. Sensitiveness of Wheatstone's bridge; 5. On an advantageous method of using the differential galvanometer for measuring small resistances; 6. On the differential galvanometer; 7. On duplex telegraphy (part 1); 8. On duplex telegraphy (part 2); 9. Notes on Mr. Edison's electrical problem; 10. On the resistance of galvanometers; 11. On a test for telegraph lines; 12. On the electrostatic capacity of suspended wires; 13. On telegraphic signalling with condensers; 14. On the extra current; 15. On the speed of signalling through heterogeneous telegraph circuits; 16. On the theory of faults in cables; 17. On electromagnets, etc.; 18. Magneto electric current generators; 19. On induction between parallel wires; 20. Contributions to the theory of the propagation of current in wires; 21. Dimensions of a magnetic pole; 22. Theory of microphone and resistance of carbon contacts; 23. The earth as a return conductor; 24. The relations between magnetic force and electric current; 25. The energy of the electric current; 26. Some electrostatic and magnetic relations; 27. The energy of the electric current; 28. The induction of currents in cores; 29. Remarks on the Volta force, etc.; 30. Electromagnetic induction and its propagation (part 1). Volume 2: 31. On the electromagnetic wave-surface; 32. Notes on nomenclature; 33. Notes on the self-induction of wires; 34. On the use of the bridge as an induction balance; 35. Electromagnetic induction and its propagation (part 2); 36. Some notes on the theory of the telephone, and on hysteresis; 37. Electrostatic capacity of overground wires; 38. On the self-induction of wires W. H. Preece; 39. Notes on nomenclature; 40. On the self-induction of wires; 41. On telegraph and telephone circuits; 42. On resistance and conductance operators, and their derivatives, inductance and permittance, especially in connection with electric and magnetic energy; 43. On electromagnetic waves, especially in relation to the vorticity of the impressed forces; and the forced vibrations of electromagnetic systems; 44. The general solution of Maxwell's electromagnetic equations in a homogeneous isotropic medium, especially in regard to the derivation of special solutions, and the formulae for plane waves; 45. Lightning discharges, etc.; 46. Practice versus theory. Electromagnetic waves; 47. Electromagnetic waves, the propagation of potential, and the electromagnetic effects of a moving charge; 48. The mutual action of a pair of rational current-elements; 49. The inductance of unclosed conductive circuits; 50. On the electromagnetic effects due to the motion of electrification through a dielectric; 51. Deflection of an electromagnetic wave by motion of the medium; 52. On the forces, stresses, and fluxes of energy in the electromagnetic field; 53. The position of 4PI in electromagnetic units; Index.


Titel: Electrical Papers 2 Volume Set
EAN: 9781108028585
ISBN: 978-1-108-02858-5
Format: Set mit div. Artikeln (Set)
Herausgeber: Cambridge University Press
Genre: Physik & Astronomie
Anzahl Seiten: 1192
Gewicht: 3138g
Größe: H236mm x B305mm x T77mm
Jahr: 2011