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The Principles of Logic 2 Volume Set

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F. H. Bradley (1846-1924) was the most influential of the British Idealist philosophers who adopted the work of Hegel while rejec... Weiterlesen
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Zusammenfassung F. H. Bradley (1846-1924) was the most influential of the British Idealist philosophers who adopted the work of Hegel while rejecting utilitarianism. In this major work, first published in 1883 and reissued here in the 1922 second edition, Bradley argues that thought cannot be separated from experience.


Volume 1. Preface; Preface to first edition; Book I. Judgment: 1. The general nature of judgment; 2. The categorical and hypothetical forms of judgment; 3. The negative judgment; 4. The disjunctive judgment; 5. Principles of identity, contradiction, excluded middle, and double negation; 6. The quantity of judgments; 7. The modality of judgments; Book II. Part I. The General Nature of Inference: 1. Some characteristics of reasoning; 2. Some erroneous views; 3. A general idea of inference; 4. Principles of reasoning; 5. Negative reasoning; 6. Two conditions of inference; Book II. Part II. Inference Continued: 1. The theory of association of ideas; 2. The argument from particulars to particulars; 3. The inductive method of proof; 4. Jevons' equational logic. Volume 2. Book III. Part I. Inference Continued: 1. The enquiry reopened; 2. Fresh specimens of inference; 3. General characteristics of inference; 4. The main types of inference; 5. Another feature of inference; 6. The final essence of reasoning; 7. The beginnings of inference; Book III. Part II. Inference Continued: 1. Formal and material reasoning; 2. The cause and the because; 3. The validity of inference; 4. The validity of inference continued; Terminal Essays: 1. On inference; 2. On judgment; 3. On the extensional reading of judgments; 4. Uniqueness; 5. The 'this'; 6. The negative judgment; 7. Of the impossible, the unreal, the self-contradictory, and the unmeaning; 8. Some remarks on absolute truth and on probability; 9. A note on analysis; 10. A note on implication; 11. On the possible and the actual; 12. On theoretical and practical activity; Index.


Titel: The Principles of Logic 2 Volume Set
EAN: 9781108040297
ISBN: 978-1-108-04029-7
Format: Set mit div. Artikeln (Set)
Herausgeber: Cambridge University Press
Genre: Philosophie
Anzahl Seiten: 790
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Größe: H230mm x B149mm x T53mm
Jahr: 2011